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New OLIVIA III New Trend Collection Wallpaper. Classic pattern and texture trend. Your living space can be changed by decoration filled with artistic inspiration and the wallpaper that becomes a piece of art work when it was mingled with patterns and texture. Returning to classic, Your romantic space, Wallpaper for healing, Monotone impact. Styles including glamorous texture, fancy pattern

The patterns with antique, but fancy, grand, but elegant and bold and delicate designs can present you with elegance and luxuriousness such as European imperial family in the Middle Age. Since its old feelings can be covered with luxuriousness from soft texture and delicate glow, you can feel moderate and feminine beauty.

Stylish elegance usually, luxurious wallpaper decoration could be considered to be extravagant and dark. Since it was added by moderate and calm senses, you can rather create more elegant and sincere mood. We aim to introduce the wallpaper that shows the climax of Neoclassicism as adopting the trend of this season on top of baroque and rococo styles including glamorous texture, fancy patterns and colors.

If there is anything that can pat our tired bodies and minds and also listen to sound from our inside, we will live such happy and joyful lives. Recently, the keyword, 'healing' is unexceptionally a hot item to wallpaper. With our wallpaper combined with 'healing', it is time to create your own comfortable space and then to get true healing. This is the true healing camp.
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