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1. Rediscovery of Material

The clothes we wear, the sofa we sit on, the blanket we spread. Make your place stylist through e-Room, whish represents our most familiar material, fabric to be more dramatic and richer. It should be enough to give warmth to your cold and dry place.

2. Rediscovery of Nature

How many objects are there that you feel good by just looking at them? The first thing appearing in your mind is probably flowers. Next, trees-the most matching word with relaxation. e-Room interprets the genuine sentiment of these two materials, and this will help your graceful and simple home designing.

3. Rediscovery of Color

Neutral colors are loved by people who lead a complicated lives without any relaxation. The simplicity and clarity of neutral colors heal your tired mind with their long lasting aftereffect like the intensity and gorgeousness of vivid colors. e-Room embraces your place with more balance by adding bright and comfortable neutral colors to realistic and warming texture.

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